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What to Expect at Your Free In-home or
In-office Water Evaluation

As owner of the Air & Water Center, I personally handle all the sales presentations, We never go door to door doing what's called "cold calls". The majority of our business is from referrals from current customers . Other sources are home builders and visitors to our website.

The typical appointment is as follows:

  1. A time and date is set when both home owners can be present.

  2. After a brief introduction to the Hague water treatment system (usually 10 minutes) we go to the kitchen sink and perform a water test.  We test the water for hardness and chlorine levels (city water).We discuss what the levels are and how to treat them. We have the home owner wash one hand in their water and the other hand using our purified water. The difference is noticeable immediately. Normally the water testing at the sink is a 10 to 15 minute process.

  3. The next portion of time is spent answering question asked by the home owners.  Common questions are: 1) How does the equipment work? 2) Where is the equipment placed? 3) What are the home owners responsibilities for maintaining the equipment? At this point we let the home owners know that we also offer a service contract that basically relieves the home owners of all maintenance and care of their Hague water treatment system. 4) We then ask if there are any more questions? If there are no additional questions we ask if they would like to purchase our Hague water treatment systems? At this point the home owners ask what the financing options are?  Typically, the time spent on #3 is 20 to 40  minutes (depending on the question asked by the home owners).

What we never do at the Air and Water Center:

  • We never inflate the water test results
  • We do not exaggerate the unpleasant effects of untreated water
  • We do not pressure the home owners to buy the system now.  This is a major purchase and we respect the home owners decision.
  • We do not offer discounts if you buy today. Our prices are fair and the same for all potential customers.
  • We do offer a discount for cash purchases
  • We do offer internal financing if needed.

Finally, all Hague water treatment systems are made at their factory in Groveport, Ohio. 90% of all the parts needed to build our water treatment systems are also made at that factory. Hague systems are sold around the world.


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